Entry #1

Front paged! Thank you guys

2016-10-04 12:29:55 by storytellerYT

Hey, I know I don't usually update you guys like this but we've recently gotten frontpaged, and you guys are amazing for all of the support, I wanted to apologize because I won't be uploading an animation this week, I was originally supposed to get a voice actor to voice Cartman for my Q&A video, but he was too busy and couldn't do it, so I had to look for a voice actor at the last minute, and I couldn't find one, so the Q&A will be delayed until then. If you know how to voice Eric Cartman, please send me on Email contactgumbino@gmail.com. Thank you all again for the support!             






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2016-11-10 10:19:59

Your cartoons are great! Congratulations on your successes!

storytellerYT responds:

Thanks, that means a lot


2016-12-27 15:17:09

Did you do that Morty Voice?